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75 Qt Hard Cooler

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  • One piece roto-molded construction for durability
  • Filled with polyurethane foam to provide superior insulation
  • UV protection on all exterior & interior surfaces
  • Freezer style sealing gasket to lock in the cold
  • Constructed of food grade materials that are dry ice compatible
  • Recessed leak-proof drain plug

There are no better coolers on the market than roto molded coolers for keeping ice. Ice stored in a roto molded cooler can stay frozen for approximately 3-10 days, depending on the size. Ice retention performance like this lets you keep your drinks cold, but also keep fish or other game from spoiling on your fishing or hunting trip. Moreover, it doesn’t matter how extreme the weather condition is. In our experience almost all of these types of coolers can last 5 days. External temperatures play a huge role in ice retention times, so keep that in mind.